The night sky over the Dolomites

A different kind of holiday

We, the Demetz family, are passionate amateur astronomers. It would be a surprise if we weren’t, given we offer such an unusual activity at our hotel. We’ve been advocating the appropriate lighting at our hotel in Santa Cristina Val Gardena for years… outdoor lighting which allows the best possible conditions for stargazing. 

We’ve also been the proud owners of our own hotel observatory since 2011 – a remote control system which can even be used from the comfort of your own hotel room. To make this phenomenal experience of the Dolomites even better, for a small fee you may also use this system for astrophotography. This would be quite a special souvenir, wouldn’t it? A stellar reminder of your unforgettable, indescribable holiday in the heart of the Dolomites.

There are also some great viewing spots away from the hotel such as, for example, our own outdoor observatory with rolling roof. Experienced amateur astronomers may use this facility each evening to look at the stars. Our facility’s MPC observatory code is K75.
The mostly dry air and clear nights in the Dolomites guarantee unique astronomical moments.
A further, new location for exciting astronomical moments is our roof terrace with four concrete pillars and an adapter, where our guests may use their own equipment. The requisite system for controlling the equipment remotely from the bedrooms will be installed soon. Each column has two shockproof sockets, an RJ-45 network socket and an Astromann adapter plate.

To complement your astro-holiday even more, each Thursday we put on a trip to the Max Valier observatory in San Valentino in Campo, near Bolzano. Alternatively, we can whisk you away to the Seceda, our partner Alpine shack, near the Gran Odla mountain. Right in the middle of the mountains, where there’s no light pollution. Here, the sky is especially dark and you can enjoy an almost undisturbed panoramic view of the horizon.

Our astronomy fans can use the following equipment:

iDK observatory REMOTE:
  • 20" AG Optical iDK, focal length 3.350mm
  • ASA DDM85XL direct drive mount on bent pier
  • FLI ProLine 16803 CCD with LRGB Ha7 O3 S2 filters from Baader
  • Location: Namibia

ASA 10" f3.0 REMOTE

  • 10“ Newton f/3.0 (with Wynne corrector), focal length 750mm
  • ASA DDM60 direct drive mount on concrete pier
  • ASI6200 CMOS camera with LRGB Ha7 O3 S2 filters from Baader
  • Location: Spain



  • 500mm Planewave CDK, focal length 3400mm
  • Planewave L-500 mount
  • Moravian C3-62000 Pro CMOS camera with LRGB Ha7 filters from Baader
  • Location: Spain


  • 16" Infinity Dobson with tracking platform and GoTo
  • Orion SkyQuest XX12g 12" f/4,9 GoTo Dobson

Astronomy rates
  Rates per day
Duration (days) 1-2 3-6 >6
Remote Observatory iDK 20"  160,00€ 120,00€ 85,00€
Remote 10" f/3.0 Spain 100,00€ 80,00€ 65,00€
Remote CDK500 160,00€  120,00€ 85,00€
16" Dobson Infinity with oculars 60,00€ 50,00€ 40,00€
SkyQuest Dobson 45,00€ 40,00€ 30,00€
Osservatorio (qith pier, empty) 15,00€ 10,00€ 8,00€
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