Val Gardena Mobil Card

Your car needs a break, too!

In Val Gardena, we spell ‘Mobility’ with a capital ‘M’. In the 2013/14 winter season, we set the foundations for the free usage of all public transport. Since then, our guests have been able to take advantage of the Val Gardena Mobil Card and all its benefits. This is a ticket that grants you free access to all buses in the valley during your stay, throughout the year. This is reason enough to give your car a well-earned rest and leave it in our hotel garage while you’re with us.

This makes a hiking or skiing holiday in South Tyrol all the more fun, doesn’t it?
It’s important that you validate the ticket you receive when you arrive at the Interski Hotel on your first journey (there are ticket validation machines on all buses). Bus conductors will get on and perform random ticket checks – all you need to do is show them your validated ticket.
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