Respect the Dolomites

We love and live our mountains

Our region and our environment are close to our hearts, which is why we have been very conscious of the issue of regionality for several years now.

We are well aware that sustainable management is important for all of us and for our future. Our ambition is therefore no longer to make everything bigger and better, but to really change our entire range of offers and systems so that we are not a burden on our environment.
That is our goal and that is what we are working towards.
So that our children can also experience the beauty of this world

Already today, we have invested quite a bit in sustainability:


We are a partner in the Climate Neutrality Alliance 2025 and are thus also aiming for CO2-neutral operation by 2025.

Water and the environment

  • We do not buy mineral water, instead we have mountain spring water (also carbonated). Of course, we also use our own water for our beer.
  • Water-saving toilet cisterns as well as corresponding shower heads have been used for years.
  • We use a large rainwater tank for watering our many flower beds and the vegetable gardens.
  • We strictly implement waste separation. 
  • Thanks to a very modern swimming pool system, we can reduce the necessary chemicals (chlorine) to a minimum while guaranteeing excellent water quality. It is almost like in a natural pond :)
  • We do without printed material as far as possible: In the rooms we use tablets for all information, our drink menus are digital, and the little bit of paper we use is recycled. Which, by the way, also applies to the toilet paper :)


  • We get our electricity from 100% renewable energies from South Tyrol. South Tyrol fortunately produces a surplus of electrical energy due to its abundant hydroelectric power.
  • Our PV system additionally covers about 30% of our electricity needs.
  • All rooms have individual heating control. In addition, motion sensors, LED lighting, and access systems reduce carelessly consumed electricity.
  • Two state-of-the-art methane condensing boilers provide our heating energy.
  • Pervasive exterior wall insulation and insulating glazing reduce heat loss, especially in winter.
  • Heat recovery in all our cooling and ventilation systems as well as in our brewing plant.
  • Modern insulation of our pool facility with external insulation and pool cover.
  • Our vehicle fleet now consists only of purely electric cars. For our guests are therefore also now 7 charging stations ready.

Regionality and food

  • We already source a considerable amount of our meat needs through local farmers, which makes us very happy. We know the farmer and we know the animal :)
  • Especially in summer, we are able to cover a large part of our vegetable needs by growing our own (especially for salads and herbs). 
  • Our craftsmen all live within a radius of about 7km. The wood, stones and decorative elements come almost exclusively from South Tyrol.
  • Collaboration with local producers is very important to us: milk and dairy products, also from the goat, all come from South Tyrol. In our purchases, we pay very close attention to seasonality and regionality, as well as to fair payment for the farmers.


And we are still working on that:

  • Waste reduction at our suppliers
  • Conversion to pellet heating or heat pump to reduce CO2 emissions
  • Reduction of meat purchases or larger range of vegan dishes
  • Strengthening the local circular economy with increased local production of fruit and vegetables in cooperation with our farmers
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