The hotel’s own brewery

A new highlight at the Interski Hotel

From December 2016, our Interski Hotel in Val Gardena will welcome a new ‘member’ to the family: our own brewery, which will be skilfully integrated into our new Alpine bar and restaurant area. We had been thinking about a name for it for quite some time and, finally, we decided to stay true to our roots and our local Ladin traditions. Eguja – the golden eagle – a powerful animal that swoops and dives over Val Gardena is the perfect inspiration for our family brewery. Of course this is what it should be called!

Manually brewed beer just tastes different… crafted in such a unique manner, all ingredients in our beer can be easily identified. We brew exclusively using natural mountain spring water from the Puez Odle nature reserve, which is part of the UNESCO world heritage site. The main ingredients we use are the finest malting barley, our own mountain hops and hydroelectric power which we generate ourselves. We avoid pasteurisation and filtration so as to retain as much of the original flavour as possible.
“Other breweries want their beer to taste the same each time. I, on the other hand, like it if the beer sometimes tastes a little bit different – so many factors, such as the diverse local ingredients or the different raw materials available each season, could have influenced it. Of course, experimentation also plays an important part.”
Lukas Demetz, owner of the Interski Hotel in Val Gardena
Creativity is very important to us, as a skilfully crafted beer is a truly special experience. We wish to share this with as many guests as possible, so you can look forward to brewing days with your host and amateur brewer Lukas Demetz, during which you’ll be treated to brewing tours and beer tasting sessions. This way, you can experience the creation of our special beers first hand. Up to six different kinds of beer await our guests, including a light lager, a wheat beer, a pale ale and at least one seasonal brew. Cheers!
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